The most influential life ever lived; a man who nobody can deny stands at the very crux of human history.

To some people, He’s a great teacher, to others, He’s a prophet. Some dismiss Him as a fraud or even a madman. Millions hail Him as Lord and Saviour.

Nelson’s Concordance defines Jesus as “Jehovah is salvation”, the son of the Virgin Mary; came to earth as the Messiah and died for the salvation of all people.

Although Christians accept this as true, the controversy around who Jesus really is has caused an uproar in authorities, communities and nations from the time He walked the earth till this time here and now.

Jesus has almost certainly been the most researched and debated person in history.

King Herod tried to kill Him from the time He was born; already raising questions regarding His origin and mission here on earth.

Jesus claimed He had power to forgive sins, to cast out demons and to determine people’s eternal destiny. He even claimed He Himself was God!

Declaring that He was God so angered the religious and political leaders of His day that they had Him crucified. Three days later, He rose from the dead!  

The resurrection of Jesus is what makes Christianity unique and radically different from any other religion.

If the resurrection never took place, then the Christian faith is based on a lie. But if it is true, then we can do nothing else but accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour and receive His gift of love and forgiveness.

We believe according to John 14:6 that “Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and that no one comes to the Father except through Him.”