Freedom Ministries was started by Matthew and Lerinda Simpson who were approached by a small group of believers who were in need of a place to come together and worship God.

The first service was held “open air” in Matthew’s garden on the 12th November 2006 and continued from there using an army tent erected in the garden until March 2007, when God opened a door and the church services were then moved to the Pringles Conference Centre in the northern part of Harrismith.

In November 2007, Matthew Simpson and his family felt a release from the Lord to leave Harrismith and relocated to Johannesburg, handing the responsibility of continuing with Freedom Ministries over to Mark and Jessi Horton and DaNell Smith.

In March 2008, Freedom Ministries moved its services to “Die Ou Huis”, a building situated behind Harrismith Primary School where they currently have fellowship.

Freedom Ministries is registered and recognized by the authorities i.e. as a non-profit organization and also with the Receiver of Revenue. Our constitution has also been registered with the government authorities.